Designing the perfect landscape for our yards takes time and effort.  Typically when we move into our homes we are presented with a blank canvas that we can sculpt, mold and build up to the perfect visual experience we can envision.  One area that we can play with is Retaining Walls Charlotte NC.  With a retaining wall we can build up the land to a point where we can have additional height for our creations.


The grass we choose for our yards will set the stage for the work we will have to maintain our yards.  Every two weeks or so during the summer, we will be out there cutting the grass.  The grass breed you choose, where the grass falls in your yard as well as any obstacles that you put in the way will all determine how easy or hard it will be to maintain.

Trees and bushes

The visual landscape will be made up of trees and bushes.  When planting trees keep them far enough away from the house that they won’t do any damage in a storm but close enough to help shade the yard.  When you plant the trees you want to select varieties that are native to your area and won’t cause you to rake leaves for hours on end.

Bushes are also great additions to the yard.  These can be planted closer to the house and can be used to create natural barriers between your yard and your neighbors.  Just make sure that when planting close to property lines you don’t cross into your neighbor’s yard.

Retaining Walls Charlotte NC


Lighting will be big part of your yard.  When we have nice lighting, it will bring out the beauty of our yards and give us a sense of security.  Exterior lighting can be directed at specific bushes, trees and walkways creating a beautiful visual experience.